About Bergteamet Raiseboring Europe AB

Bergteamet Raiseboring Europe AB is highly specialized in raiseboring and conducts operations all over the world. The major part of our raiseboring customers are within the mining sector, hydropower projects and other infrastructure project.

In close co-operation with our suppliers we have been able to substantially improve methods, tools and equipment to spearhead an entire industry.

Bergteamets Raiseboring Europes history stretches back to 1974 when the Swedish construction company Skanska founded Skanska Raise Boring. In December 2005 Skanska Raise Boring was acquired by Bergteamet AB and later also the equivalent unit within NCC was incorporated. Bergteamet AB became one of the worlds strongest Raiseboring contractors.

In late 2015 Master Drilling International Limited acquired 40 % of Bergteamets raiseboring division and togehter with Bergteamet AB they formed Bergteamet Raiseboring Europe AB. Bergteamet Raisboring Europe AB has a close collaboration with both Bergteamet AB and Master Drilling International Limited.

Bergteamet Raiseboring Europe’s focus on raiseboring will keep improving our operations and keep us in the front of development both regarding safety and efficiency.