Bergteamet Raiseboring Europe AB holds the record for the deepest raise bored hole! In Boliden AB´s mine on Ireland we have drilled 848 meters in one push.

Our experience from over 50 different countries, various climates, cultures and prerequisites has proven invaluable for our customers. Whether your project is in the dead centre of a modern city or out in roadless territory, you can rest assured that we’ve seen it before. Producing a shaft in the outback offers a different challenge from a more controlled environment. During 2017 will we drill over 200,000 meters, of which 17,000 of them are drilled with RVDS.

We dispose of what probably is the most modern and advanced equipment in the world. Furthermore we have skilled raiseborers and very commited project managers. This is our mutual guarantee for an end result on time and according to expectation.

Please contact us if you have any queries regarding a suitable solution for your project.